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City Sex is a tad bothersome from the start because they use fake profile pictures on the tour. Most of those super hot images you see are from pornstars. Those are women who make a living looking sexy and getting fucked so of course they’d make you want to join. It’s understandable that they’d want to promote the site using those beautiful ladies but if they don’t have enough sexy chicks inside that they can’t find a few for the tour that doesn’t bode well.

After you sign up (free or paid) you’re taken to your main page which has a list of folks online now, ads for live cams, your profile controls, an activity summary

you’ve received, the messages you’ve sent, etc), and highlighted profiles of the types of women you’re looking for. The design is pretty good even if the preview pictures are so small that you’ll have to lean forward to get a good look at them. This plays out throughout the site, including the thumbnailed galleries that girls put up to interest you in a good time.

When browsing some of the profiles I noticed far too many use pictures of pornstars and internet models. It’s impossible that those girls would be looking for sexual partners on this site so I can’t help but wonder if the site is setting up fake profiles to make it seem like the women are hotter than they actually are or if there are desperate girls trying to generate lots of notice by using fake pictures. Either way it’s so obvious as to be dumb. Exceptionally professional pictures with super hot girls aren’t the kind you see on a site like this.

on how much effort the person is willing to put in. A tip: the more information the women give the more likely they are to respond and actually be willing to have an affair.

The City Sex search function is pretty good but they could use more options. They break it down into what youíre looking for (group dating, relationship, cyber sex, etc), marital status, body type, and race. More information is always good on a dating site and they donít have enough of it. What you end up doing is looking through profiles for too long because they couldnít provide a more robust search function. They ask for surprisingly little information when you fill out a profile, too. The good sites in the adult dating game ask tons of questions so you donít have to do so with every person you contact. City Sex asks a handful of questions and leaves the work up to you. Thatís fine with a relationship site but the people here are looking to fuck and they donít want to waste time with a questionnaire before they hook up with someone.

They must not do a good job of impressing upon people the need for information because surprisingly few write much. A couple of sentences about how a girl is fun wonít help you to know if she has much to offer or if sheís going to end up being an escort. A surprising number of women on hookup sites are escorts and want cash in exchange for sex. The good sites make that clearer. The bad sites, like City Sex, donít allow the girls a chance to point that out so you can end up embarrassed and annoyed.

The constant pushing for your money is annoying. Almost every page has advertisements for webcam shows that are exceptionally expensive. If youíre a free member then fake chat windows will pop up where a girl wants to talk but youíll have to pay for a membership if you want to get to know her. Itís not real! City Sex just isnít a good site, especially when compared to the best in the genre that have worked hard to give you the tools to hook up with ease. They donít provide much information here, the search function isnít good, and you wonít know much about your potential dates because they donít bother asking. There are better options.

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