Fling claims to offer the world’s best personals but they’re not quite right. It’s a decent adult dating site and it’s certainly better than paying an escort for sex, but there are better options available to you if you’re looking to hook up or form a long term friends with benefits relationship. Signing up is easy and you can get inside and have a look around for free, although they don’t allow you to view anyone’s profile without paying, which is annoying. There are plenty of sites that give you everything but the ability to contact people without paying, which seems smart. They’re a little too greedy at Fling.


The search function is pretty basic and covers eye color, body type, hair color, race, religion, marital status, profession, and income. You can also choose what type of relationship they’re looking for but they should offer more options. I want to be able to search by breast size and get deeper into the types of relationships someone is looking for. Knowing that they’re experimenting doesn’t really help me since that could mean a million things. The best adult dating sites allow you to sift through lots of information with a search so you spend less time reading profiles and more time contacting the partners that are perfect for you.

The quality of the women at Fling is a little less than impressive. There are obviously going to be hotties and cuties in the mix but there’s also a surprising number of fatties. They can’t do anything about that (they’re going to take anyone’s money, clearly) but it’s a little odd that other sites are able to attract almost nothing but hot chicks. Still, if you’re into girls that are a little less good looking it’s a great choice for you.

Like most adult dating sites Fling offers a myriad of ways to get in contact with their members. You can send a flirt, you can instant message, and you can send emails. You can add them as a contact to keep track of the person or put them in a favorites list. The message system works pretty well but the interface could be better. They have a robust video chat system so if you only want to hook up via webcam that’s certainly possible and it would be cheaper than paying $3/minute on a typical webcam site. If you just want to browse amateur pictures, which is a perfectly viable reason to join, they have a comprehensive gallery of shots uploaded by their members.

All adult dating sites are out to make money but they’re so obvious about it at Fling that it’s annoying. If you’re a free member you’ll occasionally get fake messages about someone that wants to chat with you and you’ll get emails that say someone has friended you and wants to chat but you can’t unless you sign up. That sort of greediness is annoying and only leads to frustration as you feel like they’re trying to dip their fingers into your wallet. Sex drives every person crazy; if they simply stuck to providing a quality product they would have more than enough members. They also ask you to spend money in a sex shop, they advertise other adult sites to you to make commissions when you sign up, and they want you to spend money on live webcams.

Fling falls short in a lot of ways. Obviously it’s better than spending money on an escort since a membership here is a lot cheaper but it isn’t up to par with the best adult dating sites in the business. The design is lacking, they’re too greedy for your money, the women aren’t nearly as good looking as on other sites, and they don’t provide enough information. Put all that together and you have a slight shortfall in quality that means you’re better off avoiding the site and going for one of the best in the business where they work hard for your money and provide great value.

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