If you’re looking for some risk-free sex without attachment then an adult dating site is a far better option than an escort. The girls you pay are simple because they just take the cash and walk away but wouldn’t it be better if you could have a girl like that and not have to give her any cash when it’s all over? That’s what adult dating sites are for. You pay a small fee to the site to be able to contact the members and then you can have all the sex you want. There are tons of choices in this market and Horny Matches should be near the bottom of your list.

It’s not an aggressively bad site, it’s just that they’re so far behind the technology curve that they can’t hope to offer anywhere near what other sites offer. First, when you sign up the email confirming your password so you can actually log in takes a good long time to arrive. That might be bad technology on their end or it might just be bad luck; either way it’s ridiculous. The good sites have that email to you in mere seconds. This took hours.

Most adult dating sites run into the issue of not having enough women because ladies just aren’t as driven by sex as men are. However, that’s a major problem at Horny Matches. In general, the men outnumber the ladies by at least 20 to 1 in any given area. That means your chances of standing out in the crowd are bad unless you’re an Adonis with sparkling abs and a big income. It all sounds so good when they say they have more than 7 million members looking to hook up but when you see that such a small percentage of them are women it looks a lot grimmer. There are adult dating sites where the ratio is a lot closer to even and they’re the same price as this one. Given how greatly the men outnumber the women here there’s really no reason to even consider joining if you’re serious about getting laid. You’d have better luck at the local bar.

The lack of interactivity is also an issue. Horny Matches doesn’t offer webcam chat or live chat. They offer the ability to send a wink (a flirty kind of thing), send an email, add to your hot list (basically a favorites list), or invite them to join your network (which is a pseudo social networking thing). You can also block all contact from a person. It’s weak and so far behind what other sites are doing these days that it’s embarrassing.

The individual profiles at Horny Matches are seriously lacking as well. They ask few questions of the men and women that sign up so you don’t have much to go on when you’re searching through. Most people only type in a few lines when detailing what they’re looking for and that means it’s much more likely you’ll have to go back and forth with someone over and over again before you find out everything you want to know prior to a hook up. The lack of a search function and the lack of videos by members is annoying too.

Horny Matches is a bad adult dating site. This is what these sites looked like a decade ago. They simply haven’t advanced in the intervening years. They don’t offer much communication. They don’t have a search function, there are no videos, you can’t chat, you get almost no information on potential mates, etc. However, none of that matters as much as the fact that men outnumber women here at a roughly 20 to 1 ratio. How are you supposed to stand a chance at getting laid when that’s the case? 20 guys for every girl? It’s insane and it means that if you join Horny Matches you’re basically throwing your money away and no one wants to do that. Keep your money in your wallet and try one of the higher quality adult dating sites. Or, go for something surefire and hire an escort.

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