A night with an escort can run you upwards of $1000 if you’re looking for a quality girl (you can obviously go a lot cheaper if you don’t care so much about quality). That’s a whole lot of money most people can’t afford. Plus, wouldn’t it be more fun to find someone that’s only in it for the sex? There’s no reason to pay an escort when you can hook up for free on a site like XXX Match, which is one of the most straightforward in the business.

XXX Match is all about hooking up. Some adult dating sites give at least lip service to relationships, etc, but this is really


about finding someone to have a fling with. You might develop a relationship, but they’re here to facilitate good one night stands for your pleasure. It’s also among the best designed in the genre. They hired the lovely Heather Vandeven to guide you through the site and you can see her in a bikini on the tour talking about the site’s features and guiding you through a fun process where you pick the kind of person you want to hook up with.

Heather greets you again in the member’s area where she provides a brief tour of the XXX Match features. The member’s main page has your profile controls where you can change your pictures, edit the text, etc. Local matches that the algorithm has picked out for you are also included and you can do a quick search of the database. They have a quick hit panel of the members in your area that are currently online as well so you can flip through pictures, read profiles, and chat with a willing lady.

The simplest way to contact a possible date on XXX Match is to send them an instant message. That works best if they’re online and if they’re interested in you they’ll likely message you back (be sure to have a good picture up to get messaged back). You can also send an email or a friend request if you want to keep in contact with them without getting so direct. If you’re no fan of the user you can block them so they don’t show up in your results. If you don’t really want to chat or send an email you can send a flirt. They’re little graphics that can communicate your intentions while saving you time.

Each user has a well-designed page where they can leave lots of information. There are pictures and sometimes videos. When you fill out a profile they ask for a fair amount of information so it’s easy to get to know the person before you make your move. Particularly interesting is the sexual questionnaire where they ask the stuff that’s most important to people on a hook up site. Girls are asked if penis size matters, if they find porn movies arousing, etc. Everyone answers how many partners they’ve had, what they do after sex, where they fantasize about having sex. There’s a ton of information here; more so than many sites offer. The best thing about that is it makes it easy to come to a decision on the person before you contact them.

In addition to the hook ups XXX Match also offers a message board where you can chat and share sex tips. There are chat rooms where you can have cyber sex or try and pick up on girls. You can make webcam dates just to have some fun. The XXX Theater has hardcore porn movies you can stream just in case you don’t feel like hooking up or you can’t find a girl and you really need to get off.

XXX Match provides thousands of great girls in any city you might live in. They have an exceptionally well-designed and organized site with tons of information on each person. It takes a little while to fill out a profile but it’s worth it because you get good responses. Hooking up is easy on this site if you’re confident and ready to contact girls. There’s no need to pay for an escort when there are women willing to sleep with you for free at XXX Match.

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