How To Get Laid Online
It’s never easier to get laid than on an adult dating site but if you go about it the wrong way you could have a much harder time finding a girl for you or you could get rejected entirely. Hopefully this article will save you from having to simply hire and escort that won’t ask questions and get you laid with ease on an adult dating site.

First, you need to pick the right site. There are many to choose from but some are awful, particularly those with a terrible disparity in the number of men and women. If there are 20 guys for every girl on the site almost no one is going to get laid. Good sites include XXX Match, Fuckbook Hookups, and Ashley Madison. Each attracts a different kind of girl so be sure to check them out and sign up for the free membership (each site lets you look through profiles without paying) to get a feel for the women.

Filling out your profile is a hugely important step. Most important of all, of course, is your picture. On an adult dating site you should have something that shows your body as long as it looks decent. If you can upload a face picture and a good body picture (just the upper body) that will go a long way towards getting you laid. Even if you feel like you don’t look good you need pictures because women are going to assume you look like a troll if you have nothing. Ladies are far more forgiving of physical stuff than men so put up a picture no matter what you look like.

Make sure your profile is well-written. Use proper grammar and read it over before you hit the submit button. If you sound like an idiot you’re less likely to get laid. Try not to sound like a creep, either. In general, the first thing a woman on an adult dating site is going to consider is her safety. If she gets the impression that you’re a bad guy that’s going to hurt her then she’s going to run far away from you. Women like confidence and you don’t have to be a big softie but you need to steer clear of being a psycho that gives off a dangerous vibe.

Your best bet is to browse profiles and come up with a short, specific message to all the girls you’re interested in. Don’t cut and paste something generic. Read her profile and write something quick. It doesn’t have to be witty. You just have to show that you read her profile. Don’t flirt too much online. The whole point is to have sex, right? Try to arrange a meeting as quickly as possible and make sure you’re not creepy about it (that point is super duper important). Suggest a coffee shop or a well-attended bar. Anywhere people tend to congregate is  a good choice to give that sense of safety.

Once you’ve convinced the girl that you’re not crazy you can suggest going somewhere more private to have your fun. If you can afford a hotel room that’s always the best

choice since hotel sex is uninhibited and fun.If you can’t then offer to go back to your place. It’s probably better if you don’t know where she lives. If she seems hesitant and you can suggest that she decide where to go. Once you arrive at your destination making the sex good is up to you.

Throughout the process, confidence is your best friend. No matter what women say it’s the thing they’re most attracted to in a man. They love confidence and respond to it with sexual interest. However, arrogance doesn’t mean confidence. Arrogance is just an asshole. Some girls will like that but far more are going to respond to you being a confident man that knows his way around the female body and isn’t afraid to take what he wants. If you’re ever in doubt, do the thing a supremely confident man would do. Boldly kiss her, shift her into a new position, grab her ass, etc. Even if you play it wrong she’s going to like that you went for it and that means good things for you. Have fun out there!


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